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Zero Emissions


  1. Divide into smaller groups, and ask the young people to think about all the ways in which Woodcraft Folk’s activities uses energy or creates emissions of greenhouse gasses — you could ask different groups to focus on different aspects, e.g. transport, buildings, food.
  2. Come back together to discuss their conclusions as a whole group, then set them the challenge of reimagining a group night, camp or residential weekend to be completely carbon neutral.
  3. Get them to discuss their ideas in small groups and then report back to the whole group.

You might like to think about things like:

  • Making the most of natural light
  • Transporting people and equipment
  • Food you eat and how you prepare it

Take it Further

When young people have shared their ideas you could discuss as a group:

  • Is some environmental impact unavoidable from our activities?
  • What can we do to offset emissions caused by our activities, and does this really help?
  • Are the alternative ideas that have been proposed suitable for all members of the group?
  • What changes in wider society (e.g. better, more affordable public transport) would help us have less impact?
  • What’s more important in combating climate change — that individuals change what they do or that there are changes in society as a whole?

Resources Required

Pens, post-its or flipchart could be used to record your ideas


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