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Energy Efficient


Explain to the participants that there are different types of fuel we use to get energy. Some of these are called ‘fossil fuels’. These are coal, oil and gas. They are dirty to use, and the gases they give off are making the earth get warmer. There are sources of energy that produce less greenhouse gases. These include power from wind, waves, the sun and rivers.

The leader should call out words, and the group should respond with actions as follows:

  • wind (run around room blowing),
  • waves (swim around room),
  • sun (stand still, move arms in an arc),
  • rivers (spin arms around each other in front like a turbine).

Occasionally shout ‘fossil fuels’. At this everyone should sit down in a ball (as a piece of coal) and shout back ‘no thank you’. Stop when everyone gets tired.

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