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Woodcraft Folk trustee supports with delivering letter to downing street calling for Free School Meals For All

On the 29th June, Wodcraft Folk Chair of General Council Aggie Taylor joined children and young people, MPs and peers, trade unions, doctors and other civil society leaders handing in a letter to parliament at 10 Downing Street demanding universal free school meals across the UK.

Over 90,000 people have signed the letter including Woodcraft Folk’s CEO Debs Debs Mccahon. The youth organisation who are nearing their centenary year have backed the Free School Meals For All campaign since its beginnings.

Last year, four million children experienced food insecurity – not having access to nutritious and balanced meals, or even having to skip meals entirely.

The Free School Meals For All movement is being led by No Child Left Behind and Woodcraft Folk stands by the core campaign message that “Children should eat together, learn together, and grow together, from the classroom to the canteen. No child should go hungry at school”.

Woodcraft Folk Chair of General Council Aggie shares a few words following the delivery of the letter:

“Free school Meals for all is an investment in our children and in our future and core to Woodcraft Folks values.

As a cooperative children’s organisation we see everyday the difference a healthy meal has on young peoples ability to concentrate, learn and play. This is not radical, this is a basic right. No one, especially no child, should be hungry.”

Woodcraft Folk say they will join other organisations in supporting No Child Left Behind to fight until every child can have a hot school dinner, every day.

To find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved, head to this website >

Woodcraft Folk local groups have been encouraged to get involved with Free School Meals For All by utilizing campaign toolkits on offer which can be found here…/fsmforalltoolkit/week-of-action

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