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Woodcraft Folk young members proud to be part of launched E-mpACT toolkit

E-mpACT: Youth for inclusive e-education, is a three-year project focusing on addressing the youth needs during and post covid-19 pandemic, addressing digitalization, non-formal education and international solidarity.

The project aims to raise awareness in youth work by examining the pandemic’s impact on non-formal education and international solidarity.

E-mpACT involves young people/youth partners from 8 countries and 4 continents and is being led by organisation IFM-SEI. Youth charity Woodcraft Folk are really proud to have some of their young members representing the charity in this project, sharing their ideas and helping to shape the outcome of the project.

The project has recently launched an engaging toolkit in light of insights gained during the programme so far. If you are a facilitator, youth organisation or work in non-formal education, this toolkit is for you! In the toolkit, you will find guidance and activities on how to use e-learning resources for youth activities, to help make digitalisation inclusive for everyone.

E-mpACT wants to ensure that future policies on digitalization consider the specific needs and aspirations of young people from marginalized communities, and address challenges and barriers they face in active e-participation. 

You can find a copy of the toolkit here.

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