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Winner announced for membership badge competition!

Youth organisation Woodcraft Folk have announced the winner of their Membership Badge Design Competition for 2024! 

Congratulations have been given to Molly, 10 years old from the Dulwich Wood Pioneers Group on their winning design.

Woodcraft Folk received many beautiful and inspiring designs for 2024’s theme of ‘Fighting climate crisis’.

The charity would like to thank everyone who entered the competition for sharing their ideas and creativity, and hope they enter the competition again later this year.

Each year the charity runs a competition to decide the design of their membership badge.

The theme of this competition was inspired by a motion brought forward by Woodcraft Folk’s Bromley Venturers to encourage members to recognise the on-going climate emergency and the necessity of Woodcraft Folk locally and nationally to contribute to solutions to the crisis through its own practices. 

Woodcraft Folk’s Membership and Group Manager Leanne Powell says:

‘We wanted the competition to be an opportunity for our young members to explore how they can make changes in their group and camps/residentials to help fight the climate crisis and illustrate their favourite ideas. We were thrilled with the creative selection of submissions we got and it was a hard time shortlisting. We encourage all groups to take part in the competition again for 2025!’

The winning badge with the most votes is produced and distributed to every member of the organisation across the country.

Groups can expect to receive their 2024 membership badges very soon.

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