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Peace Words


Introduce the session by explaining that you are going to be learning about conflict and peace. This means times when people are fighting, and times when people are getting on well.

What to do

Have two pieces of paper, one with a smiley face and one with a sad face. Put the faces at opposite ends of the space.

Explain that you will call out different words or activities, and the children should run to touch the wall on the side which shows how the words make them feel. They can also stay in the middle if they are not sure.

Now read out the words or situations in turn and ask: How do these things make you feel? In the table you can see examples of things to read out, but you can also add your own.

During the activity, you can occasionally ask the children to explain why they are standing at a particular side, especially if they stand in the middle. You can also ask if they can often do these things, or if they often happen to them.

Playing games with your friendsWhen you hurt or injure yourself
SingingBeing told off or punished
DancingOther people arguing
HugsFighting with siblings or friends
Celebrating birthdaysSad things on the news
HolidaysMissing your family and friends
ClownsShouting or loud noises
Eating your favourite foodGuns
LaughingWhen you are scared or frightened
Getting presentsWhen you get lost
AngerHolding hands
Feeling safeWar


  • How did you like the activity?
  • Do you think you can do all the things that make you happy whenever you want?
  • Explain that you wanted to show what peace was about; that a peaceful world is not just one where there is no fighting, but a world where you are allowed to do all those things that the participants said made them feel happy.

Resources Required

List of words, large smiley and unhappy face pictures (optional).


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