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Gender Equality Handbook

We live in a patriarchal world, where men hold disproportionate power in employment, politics, family life and relationships. Women and people who don’t fit into the gender binary experience systematic disadvantage. Inequality is deep-rooted in our society, and also within our own organisations.

Gender education in our groups and youth work programmes is a necessity if we are are to challenge the norms embedded and constantly reinforced by society, break down harmful and outdated stereotypes and sow the seeds for a feminist future.

This handbook for groups and volunteers was produced by IFM-SEI and collects some of the best resources from many of Woodcraft Folk’s international partners – those who have campaigned vocally on gender equality for many years, and those at a much earlier stage in their journey towards equality. You can use these activities to introduce the topic to your groups for the first time, and make use of the prompts for debrief to encourage deeper reflection and analysis around the impact of gender inequality in your own group.

Activities in the handbook are suitable for groups of any size, from age 6 and over.

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Exploring Stereotypes
Divide the Pioneers into groups of five or six. Give some of the groups task...
Force the Circle
Play a game and help participants explore what it's like to be excluded
Analysing Advertisements
What to do Get into groups of 2 or 3 and give each group an...
Gender, Me and Us
This activity allows participants to analyse what sexism means to them. This activity will also...
Pronoun Round
This activity introduces the concept of non-binary genders and non-binary pronouns. It shows the importance...
Front cover of the IFM Gender Equality Handbook - an abstract design of multicoloured triangles


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