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Follow the Trail — Venturer & DF

Follow the Trail has been developed to encourage all of us to ask ourselves three basic questions:

  • What is Woodcraft Folk really all about?
  • Does what we do live up to the aims and principles?
  • What can we do to make it an even better experience for all who take part?

At the heart of Woodcraft Folk’s aims, principles and practice is a commitment to participation from all our members, young and old. Finding out whether all children and young people are taking part in Woodcraft Folk as fully as they want to, and doing something about it if they are not, are amongst our most vital tasks. Your full participation sets the standard for everything else we do!

Follow the Trail has two main features:

1. a set of activities
To help us talk about Woodcraft Folk

2. Mapping and planning forms
To record what we think is going well, and how we can improve things in the future

It is the Woodcraft Folk version of a well-respected Standards framework called Hear by Right, produced by the National Youth Agency.

“Be strong! Live kindly! Love the sun and follow the trail!”

Songs for the Woodcraft Folk, Indoor Leave Take Ceremony

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
We are currently digitising our activity packs, come back soon to see activities from this pack here.


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