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Games, Games, Games

The fifth edition of Woodcraft Folk’s popular Games, Games, Games is now available to download. Although written primarily with Woodcraft Folk groups in mind, the games in this publication will be of value to youth workers, teachers, trainers and informal educators in a wide range of settings.

These games are co-operative in nature, designed to develop skills and attitudes that encourage learning together and supporting one another. These games are great fun as a stand-alone activities, but are also valuable as ice-breakers or energisers to introduce other educational activities – even more so when the theme of a game can be matched to the topic to be covered in the session.

Sections include:

  • Name games
  • Tag games
  • Circle games
  • Energetic games
  • Thinking games
  • Drama & story games
  • Touch & trust games
  • Parachute games
  • Environmental games
  • Miscellaneous games
  • International & equality games
  • Wide games
Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Notable Names
A name game for introducing yourselves
Action Name Game
An easy and fun game to learn names
Can the catchers connect everyone to their base?
Space on my Right
Players stand in a circle with a gap. A great way to learn names to...
A game for getting to know people's names
Name Juggle
A game for introducing each other
Name Blanket
A name game to reinforce names you have already learned
True or False
A game for getting to know people
Call a Name
A fun name game with throwing and catching added
This is My Friend
A game for getting to know people
A child wearing facepaint


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