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True or False


This is an introductory game, used to help learn and remember the names of others. Like most name games it is very simple, and not really intended for repeated use. Sprinkled here and there in a programme of activities, however, name games can form a useful first step in getting to know peoples names, and learning just a little about them.

How to play

Split into small groups, of 3 or 4 players.

One person in the group has to introduce themself by name and then to give the others 3 “facts” about themself – 2 are true, 1 must be false.

For example of the kind of thing:-
“My birthday is in June, I have a pet dog, my favourite food is spaghetti!”

The other players try to guess which is the false statement.

Take it in turns to introduce yourself and supply 3 “facts”.

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