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This is an introductory game, used to help learn and remember the names of others. Like most name games it is very simple, and not really intended for repeated use. Sprinkled here and there in a programme of activities, however, name games can form a useful first step in getting to know peoples names, and learning just a little about them.

How to play

  • The group sit in a circle. Everyone introduces themselves.
  • Someone is chosen to be Dracula who stands in the centre of the circle.
  • Dracula gets his/her victim by tapping them on the shoulder.
  • The victims will have a chance to call the name of, and point to another victim. If they succeed in doing this before Dracula taps them on the shoulder, Dracula must then go for the named victim.
  • If Dracula catches a victim before they can name another, then the victim and Dracula change places.
  • The game continues with a new Dracula.

Variation to Dracula

Players sit in a circle but instead of using their names each player chooses a sign and action to be identified with. The game then continues as above.

Special Notes

This game can become quite frantic and is enjoyed by adults as well as children.

Resources Required

Chairs or cones


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