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Venturer Bushcraft Way

You are encouraged to use this pack alongside the resources available in the secure area of This handbook provides you with a tool to bring even more outdoor education to your groups and districts. You will find in this resource at least one programme session for each criteria set down on the Bushcraft Way website.

Some of the session plans require your groups to be outdoors, others do not. Where possible we have suggested extension activities for the sessions.

In running these activities with Venturers, you will need to carefully assess the capabilities of your group in terms of age, motor skills and ability to follow instructions.

This handbook assumes you have a degree of knowledge or at least a willingness to either acquire it or find someone who does who can work with your group. Throughout the pack you will see reference to risk assessments—site specific risk assessments are vital, but generic assessments of tools etc, should be more than adequate. There is a Woodcraft Folk Forest School Handbook available that will provide you with these and advice on lost children, health and safety etc. Please contact for further information or check the national Woodcraft Folk website’s resource library.

This handbook would not have been possible without the support of the Big Lottery Fund who provided a grant to support the project.

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
We are currently digitising our activity packs, come back soon to see activities from this pack here.
Venturer bushcraft way education pack - two girls laughing in the woods


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