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Co-operative Aeroplane Making


What to do

Get the group into pairs. Each pair will need to make a paper aeroplane (it may be a good idea to ask who already knows how to make one and ensure at least one person per pair knows or do a demonstration first to the whole group).

Pairs to be given a piece of paper. Tell them that they must make their paper aeroplane using one hand each. They must put their hand not in use behind their backs. Remind the group that to make the plane successfully they will need to cooperate together, listen to each other and respect their partner.

Once the pair have made their plane they should test it out. If some groups finish quickly ask them to draw on the plane who is travelling, where they are going and what changes they will make when they get to their destination (e.g. their group leader is travelling to Australia to save the animals from the forest fires).

Now everyone has a plane get the pairs to label themselves A or B. The group should stand in a line with the As at the front and the Bs in a line behind. Get the first line to throw the plane with their partner cheering them on from behind, swap over so everyone gets a chance to throw their paper plane.

Circletime Discussion Points

  • What was easy or difficult about making the plane?
  • Did you listen to your partner?
  • Where was your plane going? Who was on it?
  • Could you do anything differently if we did this activity again?

Take it further

If you have more time you could make your flying show more exciting by holding a piece of string across the room; Do the planes fly over and under it? Can the planes fly through a hoop? Can you land the planes on a mat or sheet of newspaper? Which plane can fly the furthest? Do any of the planes do stunts or come back?

Encourage the concept of this activity as a scientific experiment to minimise competition.

Resources Required

A4 paper, knowledge of how to make a paper aeroplane


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