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Box Game


The box game is very simple and good for all ages. Usually it is played indoors but it can be played outdoors too. Everyone needs to sit in a circle around the box.  The aim is to pick up the box with your teeth. However, the twist is you are not allowed to touch the floor with anything other than your feet. If you accidentally put a hand, knee, elbow or forehead on the floor then you lose a life.

Once everyone has had a go at the first height (most people can pick up the box on the first few rounds), the leader will tear a strip off the top of the box to lower its height of the box. Then you repeat, with the height of the box getting lower with each round.

If you lose three lives, you are out – but watching other people trying and falling over can be equally fun as playing yourself!

You can control how long the game lasts by the amount you tear off each time.
With the right techniques, you can get to the point where it is just a flat piece of card on the floor and you can still pick it up using your teeth. Encourage the participants to try different techniques depending on their frame, flexibility and height etc.


Participants at Venturer Camp 2010 said, “it’s good to encourage people as they get up to attempt a new height.” While each person is having an attempt at the game try chanting the person’s name or singing a motivational song (e.g. Eye of the Tiger).

This game is great for playing on camp or in a park where there is a relatively soft landing on grass. Alternatively play on a mat or carpet.

Resources Required

A cereal box (or a tallish rectangular cardboard box) with the top ripped off.


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