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Squat Tag


  • One person is “it”.
  • The other players sit or squat in a line along the centre of the room, alternate players facing in opposite directions. There should be space at either side of the line to run around it.
  • One of the seated players is chosen as the first “chaser”.
  • The chaser attempts to tag “it” but may only run on the side of the line that he or she was facing when seated.
  • “It” is allowed to run on either side of the line, but cannot break through the middle of the line – they can only run around it.
  • When “it” goes around the line so that the chaser cannot follow, the chase taps the back of one of the players facing the side to which “it” has crossed. They then become the new chaser, while the first chaser takes their place in the line.
  • When “it” is caught, the chaser replaces them, and a new chaser is found.


Play with a circle rather than a line, with side spaces between players who face alternatively inwards and outwards.

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