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Share a Skill



Firstly ask the group to think about what they each enjoy doing and what they think they are good at. You could also ask the group what they think each other are good at also. Remind the group that everyone has a different skill to share – it might seem easy to them but it would be brand new to someone else. Some examples if they need prompts could include:

  • speaking another language.
  • Knowing about another country/culture
  • Being really good at dancing
  • Being able to start a campfire with only 2 objects
  • love making cakes
  • have a passion for repairing old clothes
  • know loads about protecting natural habitats

Once the young people have thought about their skills ask whether they think they could teach any of the skills or knowledge they came up with to someone else? Get the young people to think about which skills or knowledge would be easy to share with younger people and which would be more difficult? 

Once participants have decided which skills they want to share, get them into smaller groups, together they should discuss the skills and knowledge they have chosen to share 

Are there any similar themes? Or even the same skill 

What would the small group need to share their skill with others? E.g. to share a cooking skill will need access to kitchen.

Each Venturer can share their skill with the group (where possible) and then the group can work together to develop ideas of how to share their skills as a group to others e.g. Elfins and Pioneers from your district

Could share with Pioneers and then encourage Pioneers to share with Elfins and see how far skills can be spread/taught/shared

Resources Required

none to prepare but young people may identify resources they need as they think of their skills.


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