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Selective Simon


Explain to the participants that they will play a version of Simon Says in which only some people will respond to each command.

Tell the group that they must watch carefully as they play the game because at the end, each participant will have to tell the group one new thing they learned about someone else.

Lead a game of Simon Says. Provide such directions as:

Simon says “Everyone with brown eyes, stand up.”
Simon says “Everyone who has a dog as a pet, put your right hand on your head.”
Simon says “Everyone whose favourite sport is soccer, stand on one foot.”
Simon says “Everyone who speaks more than one language, jump up and down.”
and so on. Choose categories appropriate for your Pioneers.

At the end of the game:

Get the group to sit in a circle. Ask each participant to name one way in which they and another person in the group are alike. The trait they share must be something they didn’t know before playing the game. They might say, for example, “I didn’t know that Katie spoke Spanish” or “I didn’t know that Eden was left-handed.”

Further the discussion with your group by asking how the participants felt when they weren’t chosen to do an action or if they had to wait a long time to do an action. Were some people doing more actions than others?

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