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Exploring Woodcraft Folk


First, look at the picture of the Woodcraft Folk symbol. Talk about what the children think the symbol represents.

Break the children into small groups and allocate a scenario to each group which allows them to communicate what the Woodcraft Folk are all about and ask them to present these as dramas.

Examples for dramas

  • Two parents come to ask the elfin leader what the Woodcraft Folk is all about, as they are worried about their six year old cutting themselves doing woodwork.
  • a few elfins are going on a camping trip and friends at school ask what the Woodcraft Folk is and why you are involved.

Watch all the dramas.

Make a symbol

Tell the children you would like them all to work together to create a large version of the Woodcraft Folk symbol in a circle on the floor using the scraps of material. Discuss with them how they want to organise the work, making sure they have a reasonably large picture of the symbol to work from. If you can, leave the symbol on the floor for parents and carers to see when they arrive.

Circle time Discussion Point

  • How realistic were the dramas?
  • What are the most important things about being in the Woodcraft Folk?
  • How do they feel about telling their friends they are in the Woodcraft Folk?
  • Did everyone feel listened to during the group activity?
  • Where are there other groups?


If the group is new you may also want to decide a group name by vote, create a group t-shirt or badge.


You may want to discuss our motto: Span the World with Friendship.

Resources Required

Picture of the Woodcraft Folk symbol, 2 black bags of scraps of yellow, red andgreen material, scissors.

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