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Stories & Drama

Our group activities at your fingertips — search by age group, how big your group is, the kind of activity you want to do or the topic you want to explore. If you want activities to do at home, check out Dream Big at Home, our home activities site.

Socially distanced activities
Socially distanced activities
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Age suitability
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group of teenagers having a discussion

Frozen pictures

This activity encourages the venturers to be creative and come up with a role-play and to talk about behaviour and feelings.
group of teenagers having a discussion


The venturers have to develop a drama exploring a cyber-bullying situation and reflect on how the victim feels and how they think the bullying should be tackled.

Explaining Woodcraft Folk

Ask group members to think about WcF. Why do they come, what do they like about the group.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Exploring Woodcraft Folk

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