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Explaining Woodcraft Folk


Ask the Pioneers to think about Woodcraft Folk. Why do they come to the group? What do they like the most about the group? Depending on the number of children, split the group into smaller groups and give each group the option of working on one of the following tasks for 20 to 30 minutes.

Option 1: Make up a drama about two parents asking Woodcraft Folk Elfin group leaders what Woodcraft Folk is all about. They have heard that children do woodwork at the group, and are worried about their six year old Tom cutting himself.

Option 2: Make up a drama about Pioneers going on camp with Woodcraft Folk. Some new friends at school want to know what Woodcraft Folk is all about. They have never heard of it before.

Option 3: Design a poster to advertise Woodcraft Folk to children who don’t have a clue what it’s about – to encourage them to join.

Option 4: Make up a sketch or presentation about a new name for Woodcraft Folk and how to tell everyone about it. Include some people who don’t think it should be changed at all.

Get everyone back together and encourage each group to share what they’ve prepared.

Resources Required

Paper; flipchart paper; pens and pencils; possibly a laptop for presentation.


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