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Do you agree?


Mark one side of the room/space as ‘agree’ and the other side as ‘disagree’

Read out the statements below one at a time. Pioneers should consider the statement presented and decide if they agree or disagree if it is acceptable in Woodcraft Folk. They move to whichever sign they feel best reflects their opinion on how acceptable or unacceptable each type of behaviour is.

Allow time after each statement for discussion about why people picked a particular response.


  • It’s ok to be left out
  • Children can bully adults
  • Saying someone is stupid doesn’t hurt them as much as hitting them
  • Making someone feel uncomfortable or unhappy is alright as long as it doesn’t happen all the time
  • Everyone should challenge all types and forms of bullying in the group
  • Making insulting comments about someone is not okay even if they deserve it
  • You should give your friends a second chance if they make a mistake
  • It’s important to welcome new members
  • Shoving another young person is fine during an active game
  • Stealing or damaging another person’s belongings is okay if they have bullied you
  • Spreading rumours is okay if the person has been nasty to you
  • Making threats is okay if someone is picking on you
  • Sending nasty texts or emails is okay if you don’t like the person you’re sending them to
  • Taking pictures of someone on your mobile to send to others is okay
  • It’s okay to cheer on a bully when they’re teasing someone
  • It’s okay to hit someone as long as they’re the same age and height as you
  • Repeating what someone says in a strange voice is fine if it’s funny
  • Bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages
  • Bullies pick on people to try to prove something
  • It’s better to tell someone who is being bullied to remain silent about what’s happening
  • It’s best if others in the group try to ignore what’s happening
  • Anybody can be bullied
  • Telling an adult about a bully’s behaviour is a bad idea

Briefly discuss which questions did everyone agree on and why? On which questions was there disagreement? Why?

Above activity adapted from ‘What is bullying behaviour?’ activity by Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)

Resources Required

Mark one side of the room / space as ‘agree’ and the other side as ‘disagree’


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