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Our group activities at your fingertips — search by age group, how big your group is, the kind of activity you want to do or the topic you want to explore. If you want activities to do at home, check out Dream Big at Home, our home activities site.

Socially distanced activities
Socially distanced activities
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Group sizes
group of teenagers having a discussion

Talking you down

group of teenagers having a discussion

Self-perception vs. public perception

This activity encourages an open discussion about the differences between the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Body Image - Discussion

Some examples of discussion that can be lead after doing the Body Image activities.
Art materials to make and create with


This a quiet activity to encourage venturers to think about their life and to get to know better other people.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Knowing me, knowing you - Discussion

group of teenagers having a discussion

Do you agree?

Pioneers should consider the statement presented and decide if they agree or disagree if it is acceptable in Woodcraft Folk
Children playing a clapping game

Action Name Game

An easy and fun game to learn names
Children playing a clapping game

Healthy Living – Exercise

Get your group to think about why we exercise and what activities we can do
A table covered in shopping bags full of food

Food and Tasting

Think about different foods and have a go at trying something new!
arrow made of sticks

Smell and Touch

Explore with some of the senses you don't usually rely on

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