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Food and Tasting


The children in groups divide the pictures of food into three categories: healthy; unhealthy and eat in moderation. They then look at the ordering chosen by other groups. The children then look at the cookery books in pairs to find something that looks yummy and something that looks yucky, and share this with the rest of the group, giving their reasons.

The children then try foods that may be unfamiliar to them (olives, mango, figs, blueberries, tofu, asparagus, root vegetable crisps, gherkins).

Circletime Discussion Points:

  • How do we decide if a food is good for us or not?
  • What should we do if we are offered unfamiliar food?
  • Talk about refusing politely or trying the new food to see if it’s nice.


You may want to check with parents beforehand about food allergies and dietary requirements. You may also want to provide a drink of water to rinse flavours between tastings.

Resources Required

Cookery books with pictures, cards with pictures of various foods, food(depending on budget), tray for the food, somewhere to wash hands


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