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Creating an Emblem


What to do

Start the activity with a discussion about logos and how they represent organisations. Which logos are the group particularly aware of? McDonalds? Tesco? Barbie? TikTok? Disney? Spotify?

Ask the group if they can think of any symbols that might represent your group? (They may think of the Woodcraft logo – ask what the group think this represents)?What colours might be used for your group’s symbol/logo?

Remind the group that sometimes people use well known images to get their own messages across or images that represent what the group does. (try typing ‘subvertising’ into Google for examples of this – or check out this short article, or this one about subverting in Bristol).

In small groups or pairs, ask the group to design an emblem to represent the group. Think about colours, size, details and meaning behind the emblem. Give the groups a big piece of paper for their ‘final’ emblem and some scrap paper to practice or brainstorm ideas first.

Finish the activity by allowing the small groups to present their emblem and ideas to everyone else and share the meaning behind.

Discussion questions

  • What did you like about the other designs?
  • Are there any similarities between everyone’s designs?
  • Has everyone used similar colours?
  • Could we merge all the designs to make one emblem for the whole group? What might this look like?

Take it Further

To make these emblems more permanent, the group could paint them on rocks, or on mugs using glass paints, or even scan them into a computer and have them printed onto T-shirts for the group.

Resources Required

Paper, pens, logos cut out from magazines or newspapers. You might like to collect thefollowing logos: Olympic rings, Fairtrade, Amnesty, Unicef, Woodcraft Folk, InternationalFalcon Movement.


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