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Cat & Mouse V3


  • Everybody finds a partner.
  • Stand in a large circle with one person in each pair standing in front of their partner (in effect, so that you have an inner circle and outer circle).
  • One pair is needed extra; one of them becomes cat and one the mouse.
  • The cat chases the mouse across and around the circle to catch them.
  • If the cat wants to change, and take a rest, they can stand behind or in front of one of the other couples and call “CAT”.
  • If they stand behind, the front partner becomes the new cat; if they stand
  • in front, the one at the back becomes the cat.
  • The mouse can also change whenever they wish in the same way, except they must shout “MOUSE” so that the person knows whether they are to chase or run.
  • When the cat catches the mouse, instead of choosing two more people, they simply change roles, and the cat becomes the mouse

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