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Groop FAQs

Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about how to use the Groop platform:

How do I know what role I have within the system?

When you log on to Groop, go to the people section of the Group or District you are part of and your role will be listed by your name. 

I have a District Officeholder role – is this an Admin role?

Depending on your role within Woodcraft Folk you will have different levels of access and admin rights. Full access privileges within the ‘people’ section are available to Group Contacts and District Contacts only. For more details, see the Groop Guidance page.

To support Group & District contacts with admin they can appoint additional admins to support them with registration, setting up events and communications etc. Instructions on this can be found in the guidance.

Can we send data requests Guardians to complete?

Yes, Guardians are now able to respond to data requests for their dependants, e.g. for information that would previously have been collected on a child registration form. Guidance on how this works is available on the Groop website

Can you use Groop offline? 

No, Groop is an online platform. We recommend if leaders need to access information they should produce registers, reports etc. which should be disposed of securely when no longer needed.

There is a mobile app available for Android and Apple phones, but this is aimed at end users rather than admin roles – it can only be used to read communications, book events and pay online as a participant, rather than to manage your group.

At what age can we put children in without a guardian? Do we want to do that?

Young people at the age of 13 can be added to the system using their own email address. They’ll have access to change and update their personal data. However we recommend young members have a guardian on the system up until the age of 18 so their parents/carer can give consent for them to attend events, make online payments and amend contact info if necessary.

Do we have guidance on the details we need to set up the stripe account?

Yes, this is on pages 11 and 12 of the guidance for group and district co-ordinators found on the Groop Guidance page.

Can I change the default number of records shown to more than 10?

You can increase the number of records on display, but this will revert to 10 when you navigate away from the page. We have asked Groop if this can be changed.

How does it work when a parent has children in different groups, or the child moves group?

The process:

  • If a parent has more than one child in Woodcraft Folk and they’re in different groups, the parent will need to be invited to join each group using the same email address.
  • The children should have a record in the groups they’re part of without an email address.
  • The parent should be a guardian for each child.
  • The parent will have a record in each group and can switch between children via the ‘my dependents’ section.

An email address can not be used twice within the same group, however it can be used within the entire system more than once. You can be a member of more than one group, using only one login.

If I create a district event, how do I invite group members?

Currently you can not set up a District level event and share with the members of your groups. However this is in development and Groop will continue to update us on this.

I’m on GroopChat and have just sent messages to each of our sub-groops – why can’t I see the messages I’ve sent?

Messages sent within the current group (District level for example) will be displayed in the My GroopChat section. However if you’re posting messages to different subgroups you will not see this message as this will be displayed in the ‘My Groop Chat’ area of their groups as a bulletin for their members to view. The message is view only.

Can you have more than one guardian per child?

Yes, you can have more than one guardian per child.

What should we when a child moves from one group to another? 

If a child is moving from one group to another, the new group will need to send them an invitation request to join their group. This may include sending an invitation to their guardian as well. Unfortunately their personal information will need to be inputted again as Groop is not yet set up for groups to share data. The new group will also need to send the child/ parent a new group registration form to fill in (send data request). 

I notice that Stripe charges a small transaction fee – who pays that?

For any transaction processed through Stripe, a fee of 1.4% + 20p is deducted from what Woodcraft Folk receives to cover the cost of processing – so for a payment of £10, we will receive £9.66. Groups can decide if they wish to increase the costs of activities, events etc. to recoup this small cost.

Can I send out an email from a Woodcraft email to all parents, rather than share my email that’s address with everyone? 

The email that is being sent will always be sent from your email that is against your account/record in the People database, you can change the reply to email so that any responses go to a generic woodcraft email by changing the ‘reply to’ email address.

N.B. senders do not receive copies of their emails but can view all emails sent in the communication section.

How does invoicing work if we are using a donation model to take advantage of Gift Aid?

The subs donation development is currently in testing phase with Groop and should be launched shortly. Full instructions and help videos will be produced to support this launch.

Technical Support 

  • Whilst logged on to Groop you can access their ‘Live Chat’. Direct communication with a Groop consultant who can support you with the system. Live Chat is available Monday – Friday between 9am to 5pm.
  • Groop are happy to arrange demos with members who have questions. To arrange training contact Groop through their contact form
  • Additional guidance is available at
  • Specific guidance for Woodcraft Folk users can be found on our Groop Guidance page
  • If you are still stuck, email


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