Membership Secretary

The role of Membership Secretaries and Scotland Disclosure Signatories is essential to the effective recruitment of adult helpers and members and to the ongoing safeguarding of children and young people within Woodcraft Folk.

This area of the website is dedicated to providing you with easy access to the tools necessary to complete your task of member recruitment, seeking references and supporting the DBS or PVG (Scotland only) Disclosure process.

Below you will find the Membership Secretary handbook & handy appendix broken down into simple chapters that have been developed to assist and advise you, including:

  • Role descriptions for Membership Secretaries and Disclosure Signatories
  • Overview of membership processes
  • Advice to Membership Secretaries on the new online membersip sign up process 
  • DBS guidance, as well as advice for members completing the form for the first time

Useful Forms

Resources online 


As Membership Secretary you should also keep up to date with Woodcraft Folk policies on:

If you require any further advice or guidance please contact Leanne Powell, Membership & Groups Officer on 020 7703 4173 or email

1. District Membership Secretary (England & Wales).pdf172.05 KB
2. District Membership Secretary (Scotland).pdf171.69 KB
NEW version Mem Sec Hbook Aug 2019.pdf661.86 KB
3. Becoming a Member of the Woodcraft Folk - An Overview.pdf341.47 KB
4. Requesting References.pdf357.05 KB
5. DBS & PVG Disclosure Guidance.pdf249.72 KB
6 & 7. Verifying ID.pdf211.97 KB
8. Supervised members explained.pdf117.45 KB
9.Membership process flowchart.pdf258.34 KB
10. Membership Secretary Resources.pdf218.06 KB
DBS returns form.pdf237.99 KB
Woodcraft Folk Direct Debit mandate 2016.pdf412.97 KB