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40-60 mins

Our group activities at your fingertips — search by age group, how big your group is, the kind of activity you want to do or the topic you want to explore. If you want activities to do at home, check out Dream Big at Home, our home activities site.

Socially distanced activities
Socially distanced activities
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Age suitability
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Elfin Leaders

At Woodcraft we are learning new things all the time. Adults learn from children and each other and children learn from adults and each other.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Listen to Me!

promote a discussion with your group about structures which will promote fair and full participation from individuals in the group.
group of teenagers having a discussion

A peaceful society

A debating activity to discuss the elements of a peaceful society.
A table covered in shopping bags full of food


Attempt to make cakes to simulate the unequal distribution of resources and understand how conflicts can develop.
group of teenagers having a discussion


The venturers have to develop a drama exploring a cyber-bullying situation and reflect on how the victim feels and how they think the bullying should be tackled.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Taking to the Streets

get into small groups to discuss and rank which topics would make them ‘Most Likely to Take to the Streets’ or ‘Least Likely to Take to the Streets’.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Share a Skill

group of teenagers having a discussion

Programme Planning using Fist-to-Five

Plan programme for the group for the coming term. Use Fist to five to reach consensus
group of teenagers having a discussion

Face Your Carbon Elephant

Face the elephant in the room and discuss carbon usage with your group
arrow made of sticks

Penny Hike

Explore your area being guided by flipping a coin.

International Museum

Make an international museum using material collected before the session
Children playing a clapping game

The Trading Game

Think about world trade with this simulation game

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