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International Museum


The week before, ask the children to think about a country they have visited or know a lot about, and to bring anything they like with them the next week which is related to that country.

Have the children make the flag of the country of their choice. If any of the children have chosen the same country, ask them to work together. Then sticky tack each flag up in different areas, along with the items the children have brought. The children should set up an exhibition of what they’ve brought and what they know about it.

Divide the children into two groups – Visitors and museum staff.

Visitors circulate around and look at exhibitions and talk with the museum staff about their exhibitions. Then swap roles, visitors becoming museum staff and museum staff becoming visitors.

Circletime Discussion Points

  • Talk about the Woodcraft Folk motto ‘Span the World with Friendship’.
  • Ask the children to discuss what they have learned from each other.

Resources Required

A prepared example of an exhibition about a country of your choice; paper; pens; crayons; book of flags; sticky tack; world map / globe as reference.


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