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Transport Parachute


All participants stand in a circle holding the edge of the parachute.

Go round the circle giving the children a mode of transport to be for the remainder of the game in the same way as you would normally number them into groups. Some children will be trains, some buses, some planes, some bicycles etc.

Fix a position as the place where the caller stands, thus ensuring that different people get a turn to be the caller. The first caller shouts out at least one mode of transport, but possibly two or three.

All children who are that mode of transport have to change places under the parachute. Whoever is now standing in the caller’s position is the caller for the next turn.

If the caller shouts “Traffic Jam”, everyone must change position.

This game can also be played without a parachute, if the children sit in a circle and run round the outside when their mode of transport is called.

Resources Required

A parachute


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