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Shopping Bag


Get the children into at least two teams, more if you have over a dozen elfins.

They sit in rows, one behind the other. Each of the children in the team is told to be a different shopping item, shampoo, eggs, bananas etc. You might want to come up with actions to go with each item.

The leader stands at the front and says “Martin went to market and all he bought was some…” then say at least one, but it could be two or three of the items.

The person who is that item in each team must get up, run to touch the wall behind the leader, run to the back of their team and touch the wall behind them, and then run back to their place in the team. All the while they are running they should do the action given to that item.

The leader should shout out all the items at some point in the game, this can be a good way to finish.

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