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Polar Bears


  1. Set up the room with around 10 ‘ice floes’ ?
  2. Choose one or two players to be the ‘climate change deniers’ who wll try to catch the ‘polar bears’ (everyone else).
  3. During the game, polar bears must run away from the deniers – bears are safe when they are on an ice floe, but they can only stay on the same one for five seconds
  4. If caught, bears join the deniers and try and catch other bears
  5. As the game goes on, the leader removes more of the ice floes as they ‘melt’ due to the rising temperatures

Ask the young people to reflect on:

  • Whether it got easier or harder for the polar bears as the game went on
  • What is happening to sea ice in real life, and what impact this has on arctic wildlife

Resources Required

Mats, hoops or large bits of paper to represent ice floes


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