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  • One person is “on” – they stand holding their hands out, palms down, fingers spread.
  • The other players must each hold on lightly to a finger or thumb of the person on.
  • “It” proceeds to tell a story, upon any subject – at some point they have to include the word “POISON” which is the signal for all the other players to let go and run while the storyteller gives chase.
  • The first person to be “tug” by the storyteller takes their place for a new session.

Special Notes

The fun of this game is purely in the suspense, and a heavy use of words starting with the letter “P”. For example – “Once upon a time there was a wizard, who kept on the shelf a bottled marked “Poppyseed” which he planted in his garden to grow . . . peculiar flowers . . . to be pound and put in his . . . potions . . . along with some POISON!”

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