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Picket Line


This is a variation on the game ‘Nuclear Apocalypse’ and can be used as a way of discussing the various things that are good, or not so good to have on the picket line.

The Aim of the game

The aim is to get everyone across the room without touching the floor, using various bits of equipment like chairs, benches etc. You can play this game in teams, but for this version it is best to do it as one group to stress the importance of co-operation and unity during a strike.

Before starting, have a chat about what a picket line is, what a strike is and if any of them have been on a picket line or any other sort of protest. Explain that in the game they are strikers on a picket line, and that to shut down their workplace and beat the bosses they must get to the other side of the room without touching the floor.

Using the post it notes, label all the ‘useful’ bits of equipment with things they think might be good to have on a picket line. You may have to give some suggestions eg: Tea and biscuits, solidarity, banners and placards, picketers, chants, songs etc.

Then label all the un-useful objects as things that you wouldn’t want on a picket line, such as strike breakers, low numbers of people, rain etc. You only need a few un-useful things.

  • Does the group know what ‘solidarity’ means?
  • Do they know any protest chants?
  • What songs do they know that might work on a picket line?

Resources Required

Post it notes, pens, & some of the following: chairs, benches, bits of carpet, sturdy boxes to stand on, random objects that are not good to stand on


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