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Needs and Wants


In advance of the session, print and prepare these needs and wants cards

In pairs or groups of three, the children divide the cards into two groups, needs and wants.

Tell them that needs are things you have to have to grow up healthy and strong, and wants are things that are just nice to have. Tell them to choose 11 cards for the needs pile and 9 for the wants.

Get one group to read out their list, checking if everyone agrees. If they don’t, stop and have a discussion. Then tell the children what the UN has identified as needs, and that all children under 18 in 191 out of 193 countries in the world have agreed they are entitled to these rights.

Circletime Discussion Points:
  • Do all children in the world get the rights they are entitled to?
  • Which of these rights could the children ensure other children get?
  • How do they take them away?
  • What can we do in this group to make sure we all get our rights?
  • What about children in other places?

Resources Required

UNICEF needs and wants cards (See under Global Issues in Resources section).


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