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Human Rights

Our group activities at your fingertips — search by age group, how big your group is, the kind of activity you want to do or the topic you want to explore. If you want activities to do at home, check out Dream Big at Home, our home activities site.

Socially distanced activities
Socially distanced activities
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Group sizes
group of teenagers having a discussion

Town Council Meeting

A simulation of different methods of participation to influence a decision about how to spend money in the community, culminating in a town council meeting where a vote is taken.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Children's Alliance - Pioneers

This activity aims to introduce the UK government and how their lives and decisions they can make are influenced by the decisions made.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Children's Alliance - Venturers

This Session aims to equip Venturers with the knowledge and skills to add their voice to and prioritise to the Children’s Alliances demands, including that for a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young People.
group of teenagers having a discussion

What if

Participants imagine the consequences that could arise from particular situations, using drama techniques to think in particular about what would happen if children took all decisions

Planet of Aliens

A simulation game about aliens from different planets, to show the importance of communication and dialogue in transforming conflicts

Quarry Simulation

Set up a mine in your group and think about child labour
group of teenagers having a discussion

Needs and Wants

Think about what are children's rights
Children playing a clapping game

Workers, Bosses & Politicians

A giant team version of rock, paper, scissors.

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