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Workers, Bosses & Politicians


In a witty and creative reincarnation of Giants, Wizards and Elves, this game both offers the opportunity to run around but also to start thinking about an individual’s relationship to others in society.

Workers, Bosses and Politicians works as a giant team version of rock, paper, scissors. Split everyone into two groups. Each group goes to opposite sides of the playing area (maybe 15 metres wide, an average hall size would work perfectly) and a line is demarcated in the middle between the two groups.

How to play

Each group together decides which of the three options they want to be: workers, bosses or politicians. Each type has a particular action and either beats or loses against the other types.

Play the game twice. The first time use the following:

  • Workers can beat bosses by striking (Action: Raising arms and shouting ‘No Ifs, No Buts, No Public Sector Cuts!’)
  • Bosses can beat the government by moving their company to a tax haven (Action: Singing “We’re all going on a tax evasion holiday”)
  • Politicians can beat workers by using taxes for their own purposes (Action: Make silly faces at the other group)

When it is clear one group has won, the losers must try and get back to their ‘base’ at their end of the hall and the winning group must try and tag them before they get there.

Play the game again. This time use the following:

  • The politicians can beat the bosses by raising taxes (Action: Sing “Money money money” and make actions to do with money)
  • The bosses can beat the workers by not paying them any money
  • The workers can beat the government by striking

It’s up to each group whether they want to have a discussion after this game about how they felt playing different roles, or they may want to simply move on and use it purely as a themed energiser activity

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