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Nature Bingo


Prepare your bingo cards in advance

Have the children get into groups of 4 or so, with at least two adults per group. Hand out the bingo cards, which should have pictures of each of the items the children have to find.

The items will vary by season and by your location.

Some suggestions are:

  • a pigeon
  • tree trunk
  • bluebells
  • crocuses
  • roses
  • spider’s web
  • wheelbarrow
  • oak leaf
  • acorns
  • chestnuts
  • sticky willow
  • dandelion
  • a smooth stone
  • buttercups
  • an ant

Tell the children not to pick anything that is living, and then have them go off in their groups to find the items, marking them off on their card as they find them but leaving things where they found them.

Circletime Discussion Points:

  • Which was the hardest item to find?
  • Did everyone feel part of the group?
  • Why was it important not to pick anything that was living?
  • Did any group see anything that should not be there?

Resources Required

A park, wood, or garden, cards for each group with pictures of the items to befound, a pencil for each group.


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