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Natural Pictures


Get the children to have a look at the natural resources around them and ask them to paint a picture using these resources.

A few ideas are:

  • use pollen
  • mix mud with water
  • use grass as a paint brush
  • find a feather to paint with
  • bash leaves with a stone
  • make a dye with berries
  • try digging a twig or stone in mud
  • look out for rose hips
  • use your fingers.

Circletime Discussion Points:

  • Let every child show their picture and talk through how they made it. What does being resourceful mean?
  • Can we often do things without all the resources we think we need?


Remind the children to be careful about taking things from the natural environment. Some plants are protected and some are poisonous.

Resources Required

Large sheets of paper or card, water pots and water, some wipes or somewhere towash hands.


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