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Making a Flag or Banner


Create a flag or banner for your group or district to take to events or camps. How you do this is completely up to your group! Perhaps there are some group members who are particularly artistic and have skills they could teach others. Perhaps the group has a particular use for the flag/banner in mind, which might help decide how to make it.

Here are a few ideas for techniques you could use:

  • You can use batik and dyes as a way to create beautiful lightweight banners and flags that flutter in the wind.
  • embroidery and appliqué can be used to create interesting textures and detail – but remember, the more stuff you attach, the heavier the fabric will be (might not be so good for flags).
  • create a collage of different things to do with Woodcraft, your group, or your town for a heavier, stiffer banner.
  • use paints to put pictures and designs on to the fabric. This can be good for intricate detail.

Extra tips: 

Depending on the technique you choose to use, making a banner could take two sessions, so plan ahead.

Resources Required

A large piece of fabric (or a flat bed-sheet), scissors, paints, felt, needles and threads, plus anything you wish to be attached to the banner or flag.


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