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Environmental Survey


Prior to the evening, make up a sheet with a list of things the children might see or hear in your local area.

It may be helpful to break these up into categories, such as

  • Creature Features (trees, animals etc)
  • Noisy Nuisance (things they hear such as cars, trains, music)
  • Land and Buildings (An old building, a new building, derelict land, a play park)
  • Activities (cycling, dog walking, ball games).
  • Include the item, ‘Anything unusual’ somewhere on the list.

Ensure both the children and the adults are aware which adults are responsible for which children.

Set off on the walk, either together or in different directions depending on the size of the group and the number of adults, with the children marking off the things they see on their sheet.

Circletime Discussion

  • Did anyone see anything unusual?
  • Was there anything they expected to see or hear that they didn’t?
  • Were they surprised by the noises they heard?
  • Did anyone see or hear any wildlife?

Resources Required

Clipboards, pencils, photocopied survey sheets, plenty of adult supervision


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