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Eagle and Chicks


Choose a child as the eagle and another child as the mother hen.

The rest of the players will be the chicks.

In the game, the eagle tries to catch one of the chicks so they will no longer be the eagle, and the mother hen tries to protect the chicks from the eagle.

The chicks will line up behind the mother hen one by one. The first chick behind the mother hen will hold on to their waist or clothes, the one behind the first chick will hold on the first, and so on. The eagle can catch the chick by tagging them, and the mother hen can protect the chicks by spreading his/ her arms shoulder high.

When the chasing begins, the eagle is free to run anywhere to catch the chick. The mother hen will try to be in front of the eagle to protect the chicks. The eagle has to go around the mother hen to catch the chick and she/he will try to avoid any contact with the mother hen. To help the mother hen, the chicks will try to run out of the way of the eagle. The chicks don’t have to be in the line all the time. They may run out of the line and play tag with the eagle. If the eagle catches a chick, this game will be over and that chick will be the eagle in the next game.

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