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Circle Pile-up


What to do

This game involves trying to get everyone into the same seat.

Start with the group sitting in chairs in a circle. In this game players will respond to calls by moving around the circle, rather than across it.
Nominate a caller, this time for the whole game, rather than taking turns. Start by making a statement about something that some members of the group have in common, saying “everyone who …” and then give a direction for their movement – for example, “… move three spaces to the left” (you can pick the direction and how many spaces to move each time).

Not everyone will move so you will end up with people sitting on each other’s laps.

From now on only the top person on the seat can move. If someone is underneath they are stuck and can’t move. The aim is to get everyone sitting on a single chair, so now try to pick things that you know about people in the group, which gradually get more and more people onto the same seat. For example, “everyone who likes dancing, move two spaces to the right”, “everyone who has a dog, move seven spaces to the left”.

The game ends when everyone is in one pile, but you may want to play another round to give others the chance to be the caller.

Resources Required

A chair for each player, arranged in a circle.


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