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Bumpity-Bump-Bump-Bump is an introductory game, used to help learn and remember the names of others. Not really intended for repeated use. But it can form a useful first step in getting to know people’s names and learning just a little about them.

How to play

Stand in a circle.

Choose one person to stand in the middle.

The middle person twirls round and stops at someone, points to them and says: “Right, bumpity, bump, bump, bump” or “Left, bumpity, bump, bump”.

The person who is pointed at must say the name of the person on their left or right. But they should do this before the middle person has said the last “bump”. Tip: beforehand people should check the names of the person on their left and right.

If the person who has been pointed at doesn’t say the name in time, they should swap places with the middle person.

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