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Bring Me Something


Bring me something is an active scavenger hunt game to play outdoors in a group. It is a chance to get more aware of your surroundings and look at the world in a new way.

What to do

Ideally you will need a large open, natural space for this game.

One person (either the group leader or a designated young person) says “Bring me a…….” and names an object that will be (without much difficulty) found in the area you are in.

it could be:

  • A green leaf.
  • Something soft.
  • Something hard.
  • A light coloured stone.
  • Something that has fallen from a tree.
  • Something that has the same first letter as your name (e.g. Luca found a leaf, Stephanie found a stick)
  • Something that would be good to start a campfire.
  • Something that looks like an animal.
  • A leaf that has been nibbled by an insect.

The young people then all run to find a suitable object and bring it back to the group leader.


If the players are finding it easy to find one item at a time you could ask them to find a few and then come back together. You could also think of some harder objects to find in the space you are in.

Get the young people to come up with what others should find. Perhaps you could go through the alphabet and see if you could find something for each letter or see if you could find items of every colour of the rainbow.

Resources Required

A park, wood or garden, plenty of adult supervision


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