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Woodcraft Folk’s board of trustees is know as General Council. It has an essential role to play in the governance of the organisation, and in ensuring that Woodcraft Folk’s resources are used responsibly to achieve our charitable objectives.

Most members of General Council are elected by representatives of Woodcraft Folk groups and districts. There are reserved places for trustees aged under 25. This means that young people’s voices are always represented on the Board.

You can contact the General Council via email at 

Members of Woodcraft Folk's General Council

Stuart Walker
Lead Trustee for Staffing
Joe Bailey
Lead Trustee for Centres & Campsites
Niamh Steyart-Hernon
Height Gate Centre Link
Eliza Dolly
Esme Thompson
Biblins Centre Link
Tyler Eckersall
Standing Orders Committee Link
Paul Nolan-Paley
Lockerbrook Centre Link
Huw Hickman
Welsh Region Link
blank portrait - place holder
Morgan Britton-Voss
Spike Asri
Spike Asri
Lead Trustee for Centres & Campsites
Eedie Baker-Thompson
Cudham Centre Link
Thomas Boxall
Thomas Boxall
Lead Trustee for Membership
Roland Susman
Aggie Taylor
Aggie Taylor
Tom Brooks
Tom Brooks
Nadia Asri
Nadia Asri
Lead Trustee for Safeguarding
Edmund Moriaty
Edmund Moriarty
Lead Trustee for Health & Safety

Latest General Council Updates

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hands and forearms joined together at the centre of a circle
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hands and forearms joined together at the centre of a circle
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young man in a yellow hoody talking at a meeting

We are Woodcraft Folk and we are youth led​

We support young people to participate, take the lead, and make decisions about their programme and how the organisation is run. We empower them to become active citizens locally and globally. 

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