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Join Woodcraft Folk’s 2022 AGM at Common Ground

Woodcraft Folk is excited to announce that the 2022 AGM will be held at their Common Ground event on Wednesday 3 August. The event is branded as the next IFM-SEI International Camp and will be hosted by the charity. Around 3,000 children and young people from 18 countries will come together for the event for 10 days of camping, co-operation and friendship. 

With its themes of international friendship and solidarity – a reflection of the charity’s core principles and aims – the Common Ground camp presents the perfect venue to host the first in-person AGM since 2019, which has been running virtually the last two years due to the disruption of the pandemic. The Common Ground event also has special significance as the last International Camp held was 2011 and it will be the first time in two years that Woodcraft Folk will get together nationally. 

The charity’s ambition is to host an inclusive and participative AGM to celebrate the achievements of the organisation, discuss plans for its centenary year as well as providing an opportunity to prioritise the voices of Woodcraft Folk’s young members. 

Woodcraft Folk is asking their Groups and Districts to encourage young members to act as their representatives and delegates at the AGM as well as vote in advance of the meeting for candidates for both General Council and Standing Orders Committee. As the charity rebuilds following COVID disruptions and heads towards its centenary, now is a really interesting time to join these committees.

The charity is calling on people to come forward with skills in ICT, data or communications to fulfill the roles of new trustees. Woodcraft Folk is a pivotal and rewarding charity to get involved with as a trustee as it works daily to develop children and young people’s self confidence, their activity in society and understanding of important world issues such as global conflict and the environment. Trustees play a crucial part in helping to deliver and develop the charity’s educational movement.

Aggie Taylor, Chair of General Council says:

“I am really looking forward to our AGM happening during Common Ground and the opportunities this will bring to our youngest members and to those who have never had the chance to participate in one of the meetings before.  I am so excited to work with young delegates from around the country and to facilitate their shaping of our organisation. If you have any ideas, comments or questions please get in touch at or come along to one of our supporters updates!”

Group & District Co-ordinators will receive the convening notice directly by email.

To find out the latest about the AGM and the election process, visit the event page. If you have any questions about the AGM, the elections or how the meeting is being managed, please contact Woodcraft Folk at

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