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Annual General Meeting 2023 update

Woodcraft Folk’s 2023 Annual General Meeting will be held at Woodcraft Folk’s Venturer Camp event on Thursday 10 August @ 2pm.

It was so wonderful to host the AGM at last year’s Common Ground and see the large numbers of young members engaging that once again we have made the decision to host the AGM at a national camp.

Members will be offered the opportunity to join the meeting online (joining details here), but we will also be hosting pre-AGM meetings in July for questions and comments from the wider movement.

The meeting will welcome motions and discussion topics, prioritising those from children and young people, please submit all motions in writing by 12 noon on Monday 8th May. The enclosed convening notice details the necessary deadlines for agendas, motions, nominations, amendments etc.


Once more, we will be asking groups and Districts to vote in advance of the AGM for candidates for both General Council and Standing Orders Committee. The election will be managed by the Standing Orders Committee with the results announced at the AGM on Thursday 10th August.

We have 7 vacancies for General Council (2 16-24 yr old and 5 lay) and 3 vacancies for Standing Orders Committee. 

General Council would like to encourage nominations which reflect the diversity of our membership, especially people of colour, women, transgender, and non-binary people. For those who might be interested in finding out more they are welcome to attend a meeting as an observer, General Council’s next online meeting will be 19th April. Or for an informal chat about what it is like to be on General Council please email Aggie on

Key dates and what we need you to do

Right now – Think about people you know in Woodcraft Folk who could make a contribution to General Council or Standing Orders Committee, tell them they’d be great and encourage them to stand.

By 8th May – Submit your ideas for motions and discussions. Standing Orders is available to offer support, but please email them as early as possible so that SOC can help you prepare your motion ahead of the deadline.

Between now and 26th June – Get your nomination forms in for General Council or Standing Orders Committee. Please email forms to

By 10th July – Agree who will be representing your group and District or whether you wish to nominate a proxy.

By 28th July – Make sure you complete the voting forms for General Council and Standing Orders Committee. 

On August 10th – Join us in person or online for a co-operative and participative meeting.

If you have any questions about the AGM, the elections or how we are managing this please do contact us at 

We will contact you again in May to confirm the draft agenda, voting arrangements and AGM delegates.

If you have any questions about the AGM, the elections or how the meeting is being managed, please contact Woodcraft Folk at

Relevant documents for the AGM can be found below:

Cover letter for Convening notice

Convening notice

Final agenda

Annual report 2022

Nomination booklet 2023

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