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Badge competition winner announced

Youth organisation Woodcraft Folk run an annual competition for their young members to create a design for their membership badge. Each year a theme is set with 2023 being ‘unity’.

Entrants were asked to base designs on pictures and words that share young people’s vision of a coming together in unity and solidarity.

The charity shortlisted ten designs and then let the membership vote online for the winning design. There were 238 votes in total and the charity is pleased to announce the competition winner.

Congratulations goes to Sophia, aged 9 from Watford! You can see Sophia’s design below.

2023 membership badge design winner –
Sophia, aged 9 from Watford

Membership badges will be make their way to all Groups, via Group Co-ordinators, soon for them to be shared with all young members under the age of 16 across the UK.

The charity wants to thank all the children and young people who entered.

The competition to design the 2024 membership badge will open around October later this year.

If you want to find out more about joining a local Woodcraft Folk group, head here.

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