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Woodcraft Folk members return from Vienna project trip

The Austrian Rote Falken hosted IFM-SEI member organisations in September from Latin America, African, the Middle East and from across Europe at the first face to face business meeting of the International Falcon Movement since June 2019. Woodcraft Folk was represented by Tamsin Pearce and Eedie Baker-Thompson, it was Eedie’s first international committee meeting.

During the three day event there were many discussions about the challenges the different membership organisations face; including environmental and financial sustainability as well as the changing nature of volunteering. Groups at the meeting made a commitment to share practice and to participate in seminars to explore future opportunities.

The meeting also confirmed that the Austrian Falcons will host the next IFM-SEI camp in 2025. The camp will take place immediately before Woodcraft Folk’s own centenary camp, Camp100. The two organising teams are collaborating and will offer a discounted participation fee for those who wish to participate in both events.

As a membership network committed to equality and fighting discrimination, the group voted overwhelmingly in favour to support our Israeli and Palestinian friends to undertake work to educate our organisation on anti-semitism.

And finally, the highlight of the event was a formal dinner, hosted by the Mayor of Vienna, to celebrate 101 years of IFM.

To find out more about Woodcraft Folk’s international work please visit the international opportunities page of our website.

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